• Specified Skilled Worker (SSW)
    Bridging for Career in Japan


SSW, the new status of residence introduced by Japan is aimed at addressing the labor shortage in Japan in 14 different trades by accepting foreign nationals with the specific skills and expertise. Following are the different trades and job categories under SSW.

  1. Care worker
  2. Building Cleaning Management
  3. Machine Parts & Tooling Industries
  4. Industrial Machinery Industry
  5. Electric, Electronics & Information Industries
  6. Construction Industry
  7. Shipbuilding and Ship Machinery Industry
  8. Automobile repair and maintenance
  9. Aviation Industry
  10. Accomodation Industry
  11. Agriculture
  12. Fishery & Aquaculture
  13. Manufacture of Food and Beverages
  14. Food Service Industry


  • Foreign professionals pass the skills exam and Japanese language examinations.
  • The professionals then needs to sign an employment contract with an employer (Accepting organization) in Japan.
  • Accepting organization conducts a pre-departure orientation for the selected candidates.
  • Accepting organization applies to regional immigration Bureau for the candidate’s certificate of eligibility (COE)
  • Based on the COE, the Japanese embassies and Consulates-General in the originating countries issue visa for entry into Japan
  • After entering Japan, the candidates attend orientation on daily life in Japan, conducted by the Accepting Organization, registers at municipality of residence and open bank accounts for receiving wages etc.
  • Subsequently, the candidates start working in the Accepting organization.

(Referenece : “Specified Skilled Worker” - Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan )