• Background Screening
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Why Background Screening ?

Statistics states that more than 30% of candidate’s resumes have discrepancies exhibiting lack of moral values. Information furnished on the CVs in regard to certifications earned, employment details (designation, salary, tenure, exit reason) etc. are fabricated and falsified. Character and Personal References could be biased and may not help gain insight on the candidate’s work capabilities.

An incomplete and improper background screening increases concerns related to;

  • Safety - hiring individuals with criminal records could endanger rest of the workforce and business.
  • Security– individuals without integrity and other moral values pose a risk to business data and information security.
  • Performance – candidates who join with falsified CVs will not perform in line with expectations causing impact to your business and reputation.

All these major risks call for a thorough pre-employment and in-employment background screening process to ensure safe and secure Talent Acquisition.

Scope of Background Screening

As part of our process we do detailed verification of the following key factors ;

Background Screening Process

Why Nihon Edutech ?

  • Fast, Secure and Easy Background Checks
  • Use of Advanced Technologies like AI-powered Chatbot and Videobot
  • Process Automation with Web application and Email integration
  • Global Verification for education, employment, criminal record etc.
  • Dashboard and Reports for Progress Monitoring and Screening Results
  • Security and Confidentiality of Personal Data
  • Long term Candidate Data Retention for future reference
  • More Comprehensive Indemnity Insurance coverage

Competitive Differentiators

Nihon Edutech (Avvanz) ScreenGlobal Other Global Vendors
Retail Price is at least 15% more cost effective
Comparitively less cost effective
Quick Onboarding and Ordering – our Clients, their Vendors, Contractors need not go through cumbersome paperwork and take almost 2 to 4 weeks to order cases. With our 1st-in-industry award-winning ScreenGlobal Platform www.avvanz.com/screenglobal, you can order in a minute. We have a unique hybrid alacarte and package platform.
More cumbersome paperwork with long Onboarding cycle and Onboarding Fees are involved.
No cost to order on manual basis versus online
Usually there is additional charge if need manual service.
Shorter Turnaround Time (TAT) - 3 to 15 business days with real-time progress reporting. ScreenGlobal eliminates the need to call to follow-up on reports.
TAT is 15 to 25+ business days
Scope of each Check by Country is clearly spelt out in www.avvanz.com/screenglobal. Coverage is across 150+ countries.
Scope might not be updated real-time leading to confusion and conflicts in understanding of Checks and the capabilities.
Applicant Chasing is free
It is Chargeable.
Chase for information with previous employers through email and phone is done unlimited times. Our “Unable to Verify” will be less than 5% - spelt in the Statement of Work.
Chasing is only via email and limited to 3 – 5 times only, If there is no information, it automatically becomes ‘Unable to Verify’ which can be more than 50%.
Letter of Consent is Personal Data Protection compliant – needs to cover Clients, Avvanz, Sub-Contractors, Data Sources, Previous Employers etc.
Not comprehensive enough and updated to be in line with legislations of Data Privacy Policies, FCRA and GDPR.
More Comprehensive Indemnity Insurance coverage
Extent of coverage is not ample
Avvanz stores data in Amazon Web Services which has MTCS SS 584 Level 3 Certification based on ISO27001/02 Information Security Management System (ISMS)
Data is stored in internal services often faced with downtime